2 Moving Day Metaphors

As we prepare for our upcoming move, I can’t help but see a couple of lessons among the boxes and packing tape.

1. It’s the little things that build up.
Very rarely do folks go to move, and realize that they have 20 old sofas that they forgot to dispose of when they bought new ones. They find it’s the little things that have built up. They have toys the kids grew out of years ago, dozens of t-shirts no longer worthy of wear, chargers and  connector cables from every gadget and cell phone they ever owned. Life is like that. Little things build up. Little grievances and resentments wear down relationships. Little mistakes take a toll on our self-esteem. Just like how we get rid of house clutter before the moving van shows up, we can get rid of heart clutter, too. Forgiveness of self, others, and life in general is the key.
Forgiveness Sidney B Simon
2. This too shall pass.
It’s somewhat easy to bear all the hard work, frustration, and expense of moving because the end is  in sight. Once the decision to move has been finalized, most people have a somewhat inflexible time table for getting out of their old place, and into the new. Their home is sold, the new job starts on the 1st, or  they’re getting married, and so they push through and make the move. The time comes when the last box is unpacked, the new neighborhood explored, and the horrors of moving become a thing of the past. The trials of life are like moving in that way; there is a new place with new opportunities up ahead, we just have to keep pushing through the move. We have to give a “small place for the promises of God to find a home” as Elder Holland said.
Enough to Begin- Jeffrey R Holland