9 NFL Questions for Your Marriage

If marriage is like the NFL, are you going to the Super Bowl? Did you make the playoffs? Are you regrouping and setting your sites on next year’s season? Here’s a few NFL questions to help rally your marriage this Super Bowl weekend!
1. Are You Both Playing on the Same Team? We all love a good rivalry in football, and we love it when our team wins! You and your spouse might root for different NFL teams, but within your marriage, don’t forget you’re always on the same team. Block for each other. Tackle problems together. Celebrate in the end-zone when all your hard work is paying off. You should never be facing your spouse on the line of scrimmage, ever.
2. What Kind of 12th Man are You for Your Spouse? Who’s the 12th man in football? THE FANS!! Whoo-hooo! When you’re cheering on your spouse, you need to be the fanatical, crazy fan with face paint on, screaming in the stands in the pouring rain. Don’t be the fan who watches the comeback of the year in the concourse, because you decided your team was losing and left early. Don’t be the fan who boos your own team when they make a mistake. Don’t be the fan who complains on Facebook that you’ve been let down again by your team. Be the fan with the foam “We’re #1” finger, waving a banner and shouting until you’re hoarse.
3. What’s Your Attitude Like in the Postgame Presser?  After a loss, there’s occasionally a coach or player who throws a team member under the bus. Never do this to your spouse; never criticize your spouse publicly! Look at what the classy NFL players say after a game. After a loss, they say, “We all need to do better as a team” and “There’s a lot of things we as a team need to work on, and we’ll be doing that next week”. After a win, they give appropriate credit to the whole team and their coaches.
NFL Questions for Your Marriage4. Are You Using Your Timeouts Effectively? When things get hairy out on the field, a well used time out can turn the game around in the NFL. To keep your marriage going great, you also need timeouts with your spouse. Keep the courtship alive; go on a weekly date. Remember the excitement of draft day, when you finally committed to each other, and set off together as a team.
5. Do You Put Setbacks and Losses Behind You? After an NFL team has a setback or loss, the press just wants to talk, talk, talk about it, right? The players and coaches will talk about it a little, but for the most part they’re focused on the next game. They say, “On to Cincinatti” or “On to Arizona”. As a couple, decide what your “On to” is after a setback, and focus all your energy on that!
6. Are There Too Many Interceptions Going On? Remember that sinking feeling when your NFL team is pulling ahead, and BAM!- an interception happens. Are your time, love, and best efforts getting intercepted in your marriage? Do you fully intend to spend some free time over the weekend with your wife, but somehow end up golfing with your buddies instead? Do you plan on going to your husband with a problem, and letting him comfort you, but you somehow end up going to your sister or mom (and shutting your husband out) instead? Sometimes it’s the quarterback, sometimes it’s the receiver, sometimes it’s both, but the interceptions have to stop if you want to win the game!
7. Are You Taking Care of Injuries? An NFL team can be doing great, and then a couple of injuries sends the game or whole season into a spiral. Sometimes injuries can be avoided by stretching, eating right, working out, and being smart out on the field. Sometimes injuries just happen. Be smart in your marriage when one of you has an injury, whether it be physical or emotional. Just ignoring the pain will only make it worse; use every resource you have as a team to heal up and get strong and healthy again.
8. Do You Allow Each Other To Change and Improve? There are a lot of NFL players who didn’t go in the first (or second, or third…) round of the draft, but end up being superstars. They had a lot of determination, a little bit of luck, and a coach who gave them a chance. Your days of college ball–single life–are over. The draft is over. Married life is the NFL, and it’s a whole new game. Give your rookie a chance to change and improve; you might be pleasantly surprised.
9. Do You Allow Yourself to Get Psyched Out? In the NFL, teams or players sometimes get “psyched out”, especially if they’ve failed in certain situations in the past. Whatever it is that they chalked up their failures to in the past haunts them. They can’t beat a certain team on the road, they can’t throw in the cold, they can’t cover certain receivers, they always choke in the playoffs, and the list goes on. Just like in the NFL, you need mental toughness in your marriage when you’re up against a problem that was your Achilles heel in the past. Don’t get psyched out! You can overcome this issue, even if it got you down in the past.
Nine NFL Questions for Your MarriageMany thanks to the Sewell family for letting me use their family photos for this post! If someone tweets me one or two nice ones, I’ll include them. I’m at @mybestlds on Twitter.