If Your Search Suggestions Look Like This, You might Be In Utah.

There are a few words and phrases that highlight Utah’s unique qualities. Just for fun, here’s the Google search suggestions of a few terms. One is with the city setting in South Jordan, Utah, and the other not in Utah (various other U.S. cities).

Saturday is


Not Utah I'm a



if you could

which way

waiting for a

This is

personal progress

Utah searchI’ve lived many places, and I’ve loved them all! But Utah’s special; it’s a pretty, great state.

PS. I’ve had a few people ask about how I got my results; I used an old version of Safari, because I liked the classic Google search display page for this kind of screen shot, and it was the only browser on my desktop that had it. I didn’t keep track of the “not Utah” cities I used.


  1. I checked several of them. I don’t live in Utah but most of my Google suggestions were a mix of the two. I suspect it has to do with your Google search history as much as your ISP’s location.


    • Perhaps; I used Safari & South Jordan for the Utah ones, and different cities for the “not Utah”. I never use Safari for other stuff, so I shouldn’t have much of a search history. I just used Safari because I like the classic search page look for screen shots


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