9 Things to Do with an Extra Copy of “Meet the Mormons”

If you haven’t heard, Meet the Mormons is now for sale on DVD. Larry Richman, who runs the popular blog LDS Media Talk, reports that the popular documentary is now available on DVD and Blu-ray through many different outlets, including 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide. I know that not everyone can afford to buy extra copies, but for those who can and would like to further promote this incredible, uplifting movie, here are a few ideas!

  1. Buy an extra copy for your own video library. If your family is like most families I know, someone will lend your copy to a friend and forget about it, so you probably actually do need two copies for your personal collection.
  2. Buy some for gifts.
  3. Donate a copy to your local library.
  4. Take a copy to Church. Bring the movie up in conversation until someone says they really want to see it, but haven’t yet. Give them the movie! Or just donate it to your meetinghouse library.
  5.  The next time you or a friend has a yard sale, include a copy at a discounted price or for free.
  6. Have a raffle on your blog or on Facebook. Give a free copy to the winner.
  7. Donate a copy to a local Assisted Living Center. Offer to host a showing of it at the center; bring popcorn and other treats.
  8. Donate a copy to your local hospital. Most hospitals have DVD libraries for patients and their families to watch.
  9. Donate a copy to our soldiers or veterans. There are many charities that help facilitate this; do a little research first to make sure the one you pick is reputable. This one seems very established and trustworthy to me: DVDs4VETS

If you haven’t seen Meet the Mormons yet, I highly recommend it. It’s touching, exciting, interesting, and extremely well done.