‘Meet the Mormons’ is on Netflix STREAMING

Meet the Mormons is on Netflix mybestlds.com

Meet the Mormons has been available on DVD and Blu-ray for a while now. You missed it while it was in theaters, and you’d been looking forward to seeing it. You kept forgetting to pick it up at Deseret Book or Walmart. And then, you saw something so wonderful on your Facebook timeline: Meet the Mormons was now on Netflix. HOORAY!

You made popcorn. You invited friends and family over. You signed into Netflix. You found Meet the Mormons. You clicked on it.

NOOOooooooooo! Not DVD only. Not again.

You gave up hope of EVER seeing this wonderful, inspiring movie. You drew the shades. You ate a lot of ice cream alone. You stopped liking stuff on Facebook. You felt like a shell of the person you once were.

But then, one day, you heard the news: Meet the Mormons is on Netflix STREAMING, as all good things should be.

And you watched it. And it was so awesome and inspiring that you forgot the whole nightmare you had just endured via Netflix DVD Only torture.

Yay!  Even if this isn’t your story, it’s someone’s story, right?

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