For Kids: The Matching Game with Apostle cards from the Friend

For Kids: The Matching Game with Apostle cards from the Friend

Update (7/16/2018) Looking for cards that include our new apostles Elder Gong and Elder Soares? Go to’s May 2018 article from The Friend: Our Prophets and Apostles Today

Update (3/18/2017) A reader requested larger size cards for Primary Sharing Time; I’ve added some at the bottom of this post.

My husband and I co-teach Valiant 8/9 in our ward.  We’ve been playing this game at the beginning of class each week, and the class seems to really enjoy it. It’s my hope that as they learn the names and faces of our modern day apostles, the kids will have a greater appreciation for the original apostles of the Church that we have learned about this year in our New Testament lessons. It’s also my prayer that knowing who the current apostles are will enrich general conference for them.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the cards we used for the game. These cards are made by the Church, and were first printed in the Friend magazine in 2014. An updated set was published recently with our 3 newest apostles added, which you can find by clicking HERE for the PDF file at The set I’ve uploaded at the bottom of this post are jpegs.

The cards have 2 cards for each apostle; 1 with their picture, and 1 with a few facts about the apostle’s life.

For Kids: The Matching Game with Apostle cards from the Friend


I printed each page of cards separately x2. Then I laminated and cut them out. Then I divided them into 4 separate decks; 2 decks with pictures & 2 decks with facts. I also printed off and laminated 2 master sheets (below) with all of the apostles’ pictures and their names.

For Kids: The Matching Game with Apostle cards from the Friend
Master Guide Sheet (via

Weeks 1 & 2:

For the first week, I only used the 2 decks with their pictures, so the kids could learn to recognize the apostles by sight (without feeling overwhelmed). Our substitute teacher did the same for week 2.

I held up the master guide  that has both their pictures and names while we played the matching game with the picture sets of cards. ‘The Matching Game’ is played by putting all of the cards face down, and then each child turns over 2 cards. If they match, the child keeps them. If they don’t match, the cards are turned back over. Then it’s the next child’s turn. At first there are few matches (unless by luck) but the kids start remembering where specific cards are, and start making matches.

As the kids turned cards over, I would say the apostle’s names, and point to them on my master sheet.

Week 3:

We played using the 2 decks of ‘facts’ cards. Whenever a child got a match, I had them read one of the facts to the class. Then we played a game matching pictures to facts. This was a little harder, but I held up the master sheet. They were getting pretty good at it by now, and frequently didn’t need to look at the sheet to know if they had a match or not.

Week 4 (next week):

I’m going to divide the kids into two groups, each group with 1 deck of picture cards, 1 deck of fact cards, and 1 master sheet with all of the apostles’ pictures and names. They can then play without me coaching them, and get more turns since they are in two groups.

Week 5:

I’m planning on showing a short video with brief clips of each apostle talking, and see if the class can name them. Then I’ll give the kids each their own set of cards with a little treat as a goodbye present. They can help their siblings learn the apostles’ names, or play with their parents, or use them during general conference.

For Kids: The Matching Game with Apostle cards from the Friend For Kids: The Matching Game with Apostle cards from the Friend For Kids: The Matching Game with Apostle cards from the Friend For Kids: Matching Game with Special Witness cards

There are also cards for our women leaders, too. You can download the Relief Society and Young Women’s leaders HERE. The Church already made new cards for our brand new (2016) Primary Presidency and their cards are HERE.

Update: A reader requested larger sized cards for sharing time. They are available as JPGs or PDF below. I also made a white background version of the fact cards that you could pair with Apostle pictures your ward already has (in case you don’t want to make full color copies and use up all your colored ink!)

JPG Large Apostle Cards (Full color and white background) Zipfile

PDF Full Color Special Witness Cards Large

PDF White Background full page fact cards only (pair these with apostle pictures of your choosing from your ward or