The Two Best Temple Road Names

A few years back, I started a project on Pinterest that features the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The profile is called All LDS Temples, and I’ve created a Pinterest Board for each temple. There’s also a board for videos and Church information about why we build temples, and one for blog posts about temples by my fellow LDS bloggers. If you have a blog post about temples you’d like me to pin to All LDS Temples on Pinterest, mention it in comments or message me on My Best LDS on Facebook.

There’s also a great map that’s been introduced by the Church with locations of all 150 temples that you can read about on LDS Living.

As I worked on my Pinterest temples project, a couple of road names in the temple addresses stuck out as extra charming. So, without further ado, the two temples with the very best road names (in my humble opinion) are:

The Johannesburg South Africa Temple located on ‘Jubilee Road’


The Campinas Brazil Temple located on ‘Rua James Esdras Faust’


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