4 quick #LDS hashtag tips for beginners

Here are a few hashtag tips that I’ve stumbled across during my few years promoting LDS Themed sites. I’m a beginner, so these tips will probably be most useful for beginners.

1. Use Recommended Hashtags

I always use one or more of the Church’s recommended hashtags when I post to social media, especially during events like general conference. This is useful because you’ll get more interaction with other Church members. You’ll also help topics to trend, which helps bring attention to the event and the Church. Another important reason I like to use the Church hashtags is because trolls target those hashtags. There’s nothing we can do to stop those trolls, except Tweet or Post positive stuff that outweighs the negative. Some general hashtags recommended by the Church include #LDS #Mormon #LDS #JesusChrist #Christian #LDSconf. Hashtags for Church leaders follow this formula: #PresMonson, #ElderOaks, #SisterOscarson, etc. You can read more at Mormon Newsroom. And don’t forget #ShareGoodness recommended by #ElderBednar!

2. Google Hashtag Variations

When you want to use a hashtag, Google several variants of it to see what’s used the most. Hashtags are very specific, so #LDShymn and #LDShymns will bring up different sets of results. For example, I wanted to use a hashtag on Instagram for a missionary post. I Googled “Instagram” and “#LDSmissionary” and got 15,300 results. I then Googled “Instagram” and “LDSmissionaries” and got 4,870 results. Next, “Instagram” and “LDSmission” got 7,140 results. So, I’m going to use #LDSmissionary because it’s more popular.

3. Be Prepared When Clicking

If you click on a hashtag, you will likely see some harsh anti-Mormon stuff. Just be prepared. I block the haters on Twitter so I don’t have to see all their stuff. Be sure to set your filters to a safe mode if possible (especially on Tumblr).

4. Consider How Many to Use

I try to stay within the norms of how many hashtags others are using on each social media platform. Instagram LDS posts tend to have a lot of hashtags on every post, while Pinterest doesn’t. So I use a lot of hashtags on Instagram, and maybe one or two occasionally on Pinterest, and I don’t do it on every pin. Twitter invented or at least made hashtags popular, and I use several on every post.


Here are a couple of memes I made for LDS Pinz on Pinterest to promote using hashtags during conference. LDS Pinz was my first LDS Social Media endeaver! I’ve had a lot of fun with that account 🙂

2824cb7940477ce835d661c94c24f451 LDS Hashtags

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