Mormonads Galore and 9 Reasons You Need Them All!

You know you don’t have enough Mormonads. Here are 9 awesome uses for them:

  1. Share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and they are super popular on Pinterest. I run an LDS Pinterest page called LDS Pinz, and my Mormonads board gets repinned constantly.
  2. Put them all in a digital picture frame for a fun gift for older primary kids, youth, or young adults. This would also make a great gift for your bishop, stake president, or seminary teacher to put on their desk. Even those of us long past the New Era days feel nostalgic about the early Mormonads, and might enjoy such a gift.
  3. Use them in scrapbooks, especially on pages about youth conference, or girls camp, or other fun Church activities.
  4. Pick a few of your favorites, put them in your journal and write your thoughts, personal experiences, goals, or testimony of that gospel principle. (Journal writing can count as a Faith in God or a Personal Progress goal.
  5. Put one in a magnetic photo frame and put it on your refrigerator; switch it out for a new one every month.
  6. Choose some that are appealing to primary age kids; size them to the size of playing cards; print them off and laminate them and invent a game. Print off 20 of them in sets of two; play the matching game with them.
  7. Allow older primary age children to use some Mormonads as visual aids while planing and presenting a family home evening (which can count as a goal for their Faith in God award).  Youth will like this too.
  8. You like to collect things. It’s a collection. So you need them.
  9. Decoupage the Christmas ones on a shoe-box and use it to put Christmas presents or goodies in.

The Mormonads below are all available at in 4 sizes. (Mobile, Tablet, Print, and Wallpaper). If you view them at, each category is on a separate webpage, while this post has them all on one page, so your preference depends on whether you like scrolling or clicking. I don’t plan on updating this post with newer Mormonads, while will likely add future ones on their site, so bookmark Mormonads at if that’s something you’re interested in. One thing I’ve made available that isn’t at is a zip file you can download with all of these in it, so you don’t have click on each one if you want them all. And you do want them all 🙂 This zip file below has these Mormonads in the “Print” size, which is approx. 900 x 1200 pixels.

Zip File with 273 Print-size Mormonads

Mormonads Zip File (242 MB)

Agency and Accountability

Make your own fortune Which side are you on? Choose to Vote Mormonads No man can serve two masters Mormonad Stay on the right track Make something of yourself Rings True Mormonad Make your move Mormonad Make waves Mormonad Choose Mormonad Act Well Thy Part Chance Choice Mormonad


Spread Sunshine Mormonad Small tip mormonad Rise above the blues Mormonad You are the yeast develop a good attitude Don't Limit Yourself! Feeling Sour? Mormonads Good Morning! Lift Your Thoughts Mormonad Look to the Light


 Receive Him. He that is greatest among you... He only could unlock the gate of heaven and let us in. Be even as I am Mormon Ad Follow the leader  He is within reach. He Lives! You are in His hands Let the Master be your teacher. Peace. He gives new life Mormonad Now there is hope Create the perfect self portrait Once and for ALL Reach Up When the Son arose He Knows the way The Savior of all Come unto me Death, where is they victory? You are never alone See the big picture Mormonad Come unto Christ Rock Solid He understands Learn of me


 Love's pure light Hallelujah! Come let us adore Him Make Room Christmas presence My peace I give unto you The reason for the season Peace on earth Holy day  Let us adore him Joy to the world Make room for the Savior God so loves YOU


Double date double fun Mormonad Keep your life sweet Wish you were here Mormonads

Dress and Appearance

Don't be a dummy Dress for success Don't short change yourself Are your standards shrinking? Mormonad

Entertainment, Media, and Music

Some music can hurt you Too much information? Mormonad Just Looking? Mormonad got that sinking feeling? Noteworthy. You are what you watch! shelf control. Mouse trap It's great except for.... Listen up! Mormonads

Faith, Testimony, and Spirituality

Testimony. Share it! Faith without works doesn't work. Power fill Mormonad Put it on. Mormonad Got oil? Mormonads Without a doubt. Great Expectations Believe Living Water How firm is your foundation? Mormonads Ready or Not Mormonad Get a grip. The Sacred Grove You can conquer GIANT promblems How do you punctuate the gospel?

Family and Family History

Safe at home Heroic Family Photo. Do Your Homework. Save your life Family Ties Old Friend Invest in your family Discover Your Family Write here Write now invest in bonds Family History Mormonad Are you a missing person? Home security Be a strong link Love Grows Choose to write You're covered Missionary companions


Be a friend Be big. Don't belittle. Mormonads When saw we thee a stranger? Love one another Mormonad Get yourself into a tight squeeze Make room Mormonad with cute puppies Labels hide people

Goals, Work, and Self-Reliance

Hard work is well worth it Launch your future Get carried away Use it or lose it Reach higher almost? Finish. Without a goal, you're in a jam.


Let it Pour! Gratitude Mormonad Say it. Show your #thanks

Missionary Work

Take the next step! Missionaries Let us give you a hand. Choose to be a hero. Picture yourself Tag you're it! LDS missionary Mormonad LDS Mission Prep Called to Share Rejoice Write away! Mormonad Eternity is a long time. Fight hunger Joy ride Mormonad Make a name for yourself. Good call LDS Mormon Ads Smart Money! Save for your mission #LDS Put on your TRACT shoes Search and Rescue missionary training center mormonad Sharing time I'll go where you want me to go...

Personal Management, Goals, and Priorities

Keep yourself free. Stay out of hot water! #Mormonads Spread thin? Going nowhere? Procrastination Don't buy it. Spend time wisely. The Book of Life Some things can't wait. Killing time Mormonad Play your part Home Invest Yourself

Physical and Emotional Health

Rise up Mormonad Take care of your temple Kick out the junk Mormonad


Send a knee mail Humbly kneeling best exercise something in common Standing tall Puzzled? Need to talk?

Prophets and Revelation

Come listen to a prophet's voice. They are ten commandments, not ten suggestions. In one small moment Need a lift?


Little by little. Clean up your act. New Life! heart broken? There is a way out. Make a you turn! Spotless future. Strong soap. Unload. Face up to it. The first sign of repentance

Sabbath Day and Sacrament

Always remember him. Take it personally Always remember him. Are you getting the right message? Feast. Pray aloud

Scriptures and Seminary

Scripture Power1 How to books. #LDS #Mormon Light Reading Read the instructions Get a higher education dig in Open book test You snooze you lose Refresh yourself Life planner Answers to your questions Uncover buried treasure great worth Unlimited text messages Mormonad Get into the scriptures


Take out the trash! Temper your temper Free filter mental floss what's on your mind cool it.


Lend a hand Ready to serve giant help Embark scatter sunshine Be a Smart Cookie Ready to serve? Whole hearted? make yourself useful give of yourself


Popularity Mormonad Stand firm Virtue the gold standard Stay on your toes Shine Forth The Way Mormonad Stand in holy places Stay true Don't be two-faced don't fall for it Mixed Signals Don't try bending the rules stand out

Temples and Temple Marriage

Picture this Peace on Earth Dream date Set your sights This is the place line upon line mormonad reflect on eternity look forward Best Friends forever

Temptation and Sin

big lies start small Little vices Mormonad In case of temptation Don't. You're never big enough Don't let satan string you along Things aren't always what they seem. A sure bet don't live on the edge Look ahead don't be fooled the joke's on you


Tithes and Offerings

Fair share Mormonad Open wide Love God with all your might. 10 Percent plus all your heart

Trials and Adversity

Adversity can make you strong Handle pressure Mormonad


What goes around comes around See eye to eye by using your ears going nowhere fast? Get it together Assembly required all together now. Mutual support


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