Mormonads Galore and 9 Reasons You Need Them All!

Mormonads Galore and 9 Reasons You Need Them All!

You know you don’t have enough Mormonads. Here are 9 awesome uses for them:

  1. Share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and they are super popular on Pinterest. I run an LDS Pinterest page called LDS Pinz, and my Mormonads board gets repinned constantly.
  2. Put them all in a digital picture frame for a fun gift for older primary kids, youth, or young adults. This would also make a great gift for your bishop, stake president, or seminary teacher to put on their desk. Even those of us long past the New Era days feel nostalgic about the early Mormonads, and might enjoy such a gift.
  3. Use them in scrapbooks, especially on pages about youth conference, or girls camp, or other fun Church activities.
  4. Pick a few of your favorites, put them in your journal and write your thoughts, personal experiences, goals, or testimony of that gospel principle. (Journal writing can count as a Faith in God or a Personal Progress goal.
  5. Put one in a magnetic photo frame and put it on your refrigerator; switch it out for a new one every month.
  6. Choose some that are appealing to primary age kids; size them to the size of playing cards; print them off and laminate them and invent a game. Print off 20 of them in sets of two; play the matching game with them.
  7. Allow older primary age children to use some Mormonads as visual aids while planing and presenting a family home evening (which can count as a goal for their Faith in God award).  Youth will like this too.
  8. You like to collect things. It’s a collection. So you need them.
  9. Decoupage the Christmas ones on a shoe-box and use it to put Christmas presents or goodies in.

The Mormonads below are all available at in 4 sizes. (Mobile, Tablet, Print, and Wallpaper). If you view them at, each category is on a separate webpage, while this post has them all on one page, so your preference depends on whether you like scrolling or clicking. I don’t plan on updating this post with newer Mormonads, while will likely add future ones on their site, so bookmark Mormonads at if that’s something you’re interested in. One thing I’ve made available that isn’t at is a zip file you can download with all of these in it, so you don’t have click on each one if you want them all. And you do want them all 🙂 This zip file below has these Mormonads in the “Print” size, which is approx. 900 x 1200 pixels.

Zip File with 273 Print-size Mormonads

Mormonads Zip File (242 MB)

Agency and Accountability





Dress and Appearance

Entertainment, Media, and Music

Faith, Testimony, and Spirituality

Family and Family History


Goals, Work, and Self-Reliance


Missionary Work

Personal Management, Goals, and Priorities

Physical and Emotional Health


Prophets and Revelation


Sabbath Day and Sacrament

Scriptures and Seminary




Temples and Temple Marriage

Temptation and Sin

Tithes and Offerings

Trials and Adversity