The Best Quotes from the Marriage and Family Relations Lesson 4: Responding to Challenges in Marriage

The Best Quotes from the Marriage and Family Relations Lesson 4: Responding to Challenges in Marriage

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Lesson 4: Responding to the Challenges in Marriage

“When troubles come, the parties to a contractual marriage seek happiness by walking away. They marry to obtain benefits and will stay only as long as they’re receiving what they bargained for. But when troubles come to a covenant marriage, the husband and wife work them through. . . . Contract companions each give 50 percent; covenant companions each give 100 percent. Marriage is by nature a covenant, not just a private contract one may cancel at will.” —Bruce C. Hafen

Covenant Marriage quote

“No one makes us mad. Others don’t make us angry. There is no force involved. Becoming angry is a conscious choice, a decision; therefore, we can make the choice not to become angry. We choose!” —Lynn G. Robbins

LDS quote No one makes us mad

“Nobody ever abused anybody else when he had the spirit of the Lord. It is always when we have some other spirit.” —George Albert Smith

LDS quote on abuse from George Albert Smith

“Some [men] put on a fine face before the world during the day and come home in the evening, set aside their self-discipline, and on the slightest provocation fly into outbursts of anger.

“No man who engages in such evil and unbecoming behavior is worthy of the priesthood of God. No man who so conducts himself is worthy of the privileges of the house of the Lord. I regret that there are some men undeserving of the love of their wives and children. There are children who fear their fathers, and wives who fear their husbands. If there be any such men within the hearing of my voice, as a servant of the Lord I rebuke you and call you to repentance. Discipline yourselves. Master your temper. Most of the things that make you angry are of very small consequence. And what a terrible price you are paying for your anger. Ask the Lord to forgive you. Ask your wife to forgive you. Apologize to your children.” —Gordon B. Hinckley

LDS quote from Gordon B Hinckley - Master your temper.

“It helps children to see that good parents can have differing opinions and that these differences can be worked out without striking, yelling, or throwing things. They need to see and feel calm communication with respect for each other’s viewpoints so they themselves will know how to work through differences in their own lives.” —Robert D. Hales

LDS quote on communication in marriage from Robert D Hales

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