Sister Mary R. Durham, newest member of the Primary General Presidency

Last April, Sister Mary R. Durham was called to be the 2nd counselor of the Primary general presidency. The presidency was reformed when former first counselor Sister Jean A. Stevens was called to serve in the England London Mission with her husband. When Sister Stevens left the presidency, 2nd counselor Sister Cheryl A. Esplin was called to be the 1st counselor, and Sister Durham filled her place. Sister Rosemary M. Wixom’s position as Primary general president didn’t change.

A few interesting facts about Sister Durham:

  • Before her current calling, she was serving on the Primary general board.
  • Sister Durham has an official Facebook page, as do most general Church leaders.
  • She attended BYU on a dance scholarship
  • She and husband Mark P. Durham  have two daughters, five sons, and twenty-two grandchildren.
  • She was born in Virginia, and raised in Minnesota and Utah.
  • She served with her husband while he was mission president of the Tokyo Japan Mission.

Read more at and LDS Church News

As I was updating LDS Pinz with a board for Sister Durham, I made a few memes with quotes from an LDS Church News article that featured her

“When the Lord asks you to do something, He will prepare you. It’s a sweet thing. If you trust, the Lord blesses you.”Mary R. Durham

LDS quote from Mary R Durham 2nd counselor in the Primary general presidency

“Living the gospel provides a happy way of life.” Mary R. Durham

LDS quote by Sister Mary R Durham, 2nd counselor in the Primary general presidency

“Everything works if you serve the Lord”Mary R. Durham

LDS quote from Sister Mary R Durham of the Primary presidency

Background images for memes from 123RF. Memes compiled my Kathryn S. Allen

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