12 funny memes to remind us all to get to Church on time

12 funny memes to remind us all to get to Church on time

I’ve made it a new goal to stop being late, even just a few minutes late, to Church on Sunday. Is that a goal for you or your ward? Share a funny meme on Saturday to help everyone remember to put forth that bit of extra effort to be seated on time (or a couple of minutes early is even better!). Need more than a funny meme to get to Church on time? Read “How to Never Be Late to Church Again” at LDS Living for some solid planning tips!

And remember, better late than never! We should strive to be on time, but please still come even if you’re running late 🙂

Mormon Standard Time. FALSE. You are late.

Don't think you're safe in the foyer! I will find you!

Patient bear is ready for Church on time.

Church Doge

Haven't been late once!

I will find you if you're late for Church!

Sitting by the aisle

Stake Conference Parking Usher Bear

Confession Bear is late to church

Mormon Standard Time Dwight

Metal chairs in the cultural hall

First World Problems makeup or be on time