From Rome to Botswana: Mormon Moments on Google Street View

Here are some fun LDS moments caught on Google Street View. Don’t miss the Rome Temple ones at the bottom! They will take your breath away.

My favorite find ever on Google Street View is the renovation of the chapel in Gaborone, Botswana, in anticipation of the formation of the very first stake in Botswana.


Love this poetic contrast below of a white brick LDS chapel across from a black foreboding graffiti covered wall in Mexico. I love how the dark wall casts a shadow half-way across the street, as if trying to cast its influence, but behold it cannot! The white chapel stands pure and strong against the world!


Pretty nifty bikes there, Elders! This is from 2009 in the Netherlands. I wonder what they’re doing now…


And hello to the Elders at Piazza della Signoria in Italy, circa 2008. I like how the statue in the upper right appears to be looking at the Google Street car too.


Lots of scooters in front of the Church in Taiwan!


Scaling down the side of the temple in order to clean the windows in Bogotรก, Colombia 2012.


A brilliant sunburst over the Helsinki Temple! So lovely.


Brigham Young and the Angel Moroni aligned in Salt Lake City, Utah.


The future sight of the Rome Italy Temple in April 2008. I love the bright white sun flare on the right, almost as if it is God looking down from the Heavens and choosing the spot. It was 6 months later, in October 2008 general conference, that the Rome Italy Temple was announced.


The Rome Temple and the construction crane stretched into a heavenly white sun in August 2015.