How a Kid Might See it: The Church’s New Coloring Book

How a Kid Might See it: The Church's New Coloring Book

Did you hear that the Church just released a new coloring book? It’s amazing. You can download the whole book, or just print off a few pages at

Here is a special preview of the first page. It’s a cute maze to help Nephi keep the commands of the Lord by obtaining the plates of brass. BUT REMEMBER, it looks a lot different to a child than it does to an adult. We’ve used a special child frequency adapter to simulate what it looks like to a child, so that you can fully understand this maze.

This is what it looks like to an adult:

Page 1 of Scripture Stories Coloring Book: Book of Mormon

This is how it looks to a child:

(Results vary greatly from child to child and no two impressions of the maze will be exactly the same.)

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At Lehi's tent

Nephi go and do

Nephi wasn't scared of snakes

Nephi's Maze 3

Nephi's Maze

Nephi reaches Laban's house

Laban keeps the brass plates

pretending to be Laban

Almost there!

The maze's end.

Don’t forget to go to to download The Book of Mormon coloring book! Unleash your child’s imagination!

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