Fun Reminder Memes for General Conference

Fun Reminder Memes for General Conference

General Conference is coming soon! Hooray! Remind all your friends and family to tune-in with these fun memes. And keep your eye on the Church’s Facebook page, because they always release reminders with useful links and great thoughts.

A good link to share with a reminder meme is where they can get more information about times and viewing options:

Or here’s a short link to the same:

Or just share a link to the homepage, where conference will be streamed live.

Another perfect link to share with a general conference reminder meme is   It has lots of great ideas of ways to prepare for conference.

Or just share them with one of your favorite #ldsconf quotes! You can read or watch past general conference talks at the new, improved, sleek and fancy page on! Great design job, LDS Church employees who toil for neither fame nor glory. It looks awesome 🙂

The new layout of the general conference site.
The new layout of the general conference site. Check it out at


Site's so fancy

Every generation loves #ldsconf!

General Conference April 2016

General Conference or Bust

Squad Goals with just the Women’s Meeting Date and Time

Women's Meeting Squad Goals

Squad Goals with all Session Dates

Squad Goals!

Saturday Session Old School

General Conference is totally awesome.

That’s my groove + #ldsconf

Some memes to represent a few popular obsessions hobbies and interests among Church members.

I wish I could ride my horse to general conference

General Conference Knitters

legendary tones

get amped for Priesthood Session

Comfy Conference

General Reminder Memes

General Conference Announcements

Women's Meeting Reminder
From the Church’s Facebook page


When the Church adds reminder memes for General Sessions and Priesthood Session, I’ll update this post and add them.