24 More Mormon Moments on Google Street View

More Mormon Moments on Google Street View


A reflection of the Google Street Car in the window of the visitor’s center in Paris. (There used to be a great shot of missionaries conducting an open house here, but it’s gone.)


A missionary couple tends to the flowers at the Hyde Park Chapel Visitor’s Center in 2008:


The Google Street Car reflection in the Hyde Park Visitor’s Center window:


If you’re ever in Folsum, California, you must get a picture of yourself reading the Book of Mormon at the crossroads of Reading and Mormon streets.


A flock of missionaries outside a storefront. Not sure what the store is, but it’s just down the street from the Brazil MTC. Maybe they’re getting mail or haircuts or something.

Small Branches

Small branches often rent space or own small buildings as they grow.
A cozy meetinghouse in Hawaii.


The Central Falls Ward building in Rhode Island:


The Hermanus Branch in South Africa meets in this building. If they didn’t have this rental space, the nearest chapel is an hour away by car.


Then and now…

As branches and wards grow, the time comes to build a nice meetinghouse to call home.

The Harlem Branch

When the Harlem Branch was first formed, they met at Sylvia’s Restaurant (Deseret News).


Then the Harlem Branch upgraded to meeting here:
(The empty lot next door to this little brick building was a garden patch that members lovingly tended to, according to LDS Church News)


And now they meet in this impressive building. It looks like it could be a Temple to me, it’s so regal and beautiful.


The Compassvale Link Chapel

The empty Church-owned lot in the awesome Compassvale neighborhood near Singapore in 2008:


And the impressive Compassvale Link Chapel nearing completion. The members rejoiced to have a beautiful new building; Bishop Choo of the Bedok Ward explained: “When it rained heavily in the old building, members suffered as it leaked into the building. Water could be seen falling down from the roof and all the carpet flooring would be wet in the Primary room. There was really no peace when it came to worshiping on rainy Sundays. In the new building, it is really worry-free and it helps the members to appreciate much more of the blessings that come from Heavenly Father.”


The open house of the Compassvale Link meetinghouse attracted 1,500 visitors in one day, with an estimated 500 non-members among them. 14 investigators started meeting with the missionaries after visiting the open house.

Tampere, Finland

In Tampere, Finland, it all starts with a pit, a fence, and a sign that says “Myöhempien Aikojen Pyhien Jeesuksen Kristuksen Kirkko”


Google Street View didn’t catch the building process; the next time the car drives by, we see the beautiful finished chapel.


A few Mormon moments contributed by commenters on my first Mormon Google Street View post:

3 Sister Missionaries outside the Taipei Taiwan Temple


And just down the street, 3 Elders. Google has blurred their faces, but I can still see the light in their countenances shining through the blur! Some things cannot be hidden.


Elders biking it in Gilbert, Arizona in 2011. MUCH respect to missionaries on bikes in hot climates!


In 2015, more missionaries waving from the Church parking lot in Gilbert Arizona


Elders in Stockholm, Sweden, 2009 (You can’t see their nametags, but it’s ‘missionary mom’ verified that these are indeed missionaries):


Where your ward would be if…

If you were Frodo Baggins:
This is literally where you would go to Church if you lived in The Shire (Hobbiton, New Zealand). And notice the magical looking ring in the sky above the Church!

If you lived in Area 51, this would be your Meetinghouse:

Area 51 meetinghouse

If you were the President of the US:

If you were on ‘The Bachelor’, this would be your ward. Your YSA ward.