3 Mormon Tornado Moments on YouTube

3 Mormon Tornado Moments on YouTube

These missionaries were protected when they encountered a tornado while driving:

The Manti Temple silhouetted against a rare Utah tornado in 2002:
(The best Temple shots start at about 2:39)

Everyone was stunned when a tornado ripped through downtown Salt Lake City in 1999.
(Best shot of the tornado starts at about 1:35)

Stay safe this tornado season!

Is your ward helping clean up after a tornado or other natural disaster? Check out the Church’s guidelines here:

Guidelines for Disaster Cleanup and Church Volunteer Safety

After a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster, those who can’t provide hands-on help often feel a deep desire to donate money. Make sure you donate to a reputable organization. There are a lot of scams that pop-up after a major disaster.

LDS Philanthropies is my #1 choice; every cent of your donation goes to provide aid. None of the donations go for administration costs. Generally, after a natural disaster, they will publish an article with a link for donation. They also have ongoing need categories you can donate to, such as financial assistance for members who can’t afford the trip to the nearest Temple. You can find more information at their website: www.ldsphilanthropies.org



  1. The camera work on the Manti video made it unwatchable; and the choice of music was totally incongruous to the circumstance. Cool out was caught on video though.


    • There’s a thorough debate on the camera work in the YouTube comments, but I’m not sure if they addressed the music issue. I believe in the end one of cameraman’s grandchildren defended the novice zooming techniques, and that was then end of it. 🙂 There certainly were some cool shots, like you said.


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