LDS Primary Activity Using ‘Choose the Right Media’ from the ‘Friend’

LDS Primary Activity Using 'Choose the Right Media' from the 'Friend'

This activity is based on “Choose the Right Media” from the Friend (April 2012). There are great discussion and lesson ideas in the article that would go great with this activity.

From the April 2012 Friend

I use a tri-fold poster board for this and a few other similar actives, but a chalkboard would work just fine.

I like using the tri-fold for several reasons. It’s novel and gets the kids’ attention; I can put it on the floor when little arms can’t reach up very high on the chalkboard. It’s also convenient for me because I don’t have to search for magnets or tape. I have the different activities in baggies, so it’s all ready to go if someone needs a last minute substitute.

On my tri-fold I put little pieces of velcro (scratchy side) all over.

trifold white board

I made “STOP” and “GO” signs on cardstock paper and found a few “media” pictures to help the kids remember what “media” meant. (When I used this activity, I found I needed to explain to some of the children that “media” refers to TV shows, movies, music, books, video games, etc.)

I put pieces of velcro (soft side) on the signs and pictures. I figure I’ll have plenty of chances to use this activity or let a friend use it, so I made it to last. I’ve used it so far for Activity Days in one one ward, and when teaching Primary in another.

Stop and Go signs

Next I printed off all of the “stop” and “go” media checklist statements from the Friend using cardstock paper. I put velcro on the back, then cut them into individual statements.

The statements are on the handout at the top of this page, and they’re in the article at

In class I turn them upside down, then have a child come up and pick one.

The child reads the statement out loud to the class, and we decide as a class whether the statement goes on the “stop” side of the board or the “go” side. We repeat this until all have been read and placed on the board. When I did this for activity days, we had a lesson with it. Then we had a popcorn party and watched a wholesome movie the next time we met.

LDS Primary Activity Using 'Choose the Right Media' from the 'Friend'

2 More Activities

I also use the tri-fold posterboard for two other activities in primary.

Activity: Where to find that book or speaker.

Use Your Scripture Index game

  1. I printed off and put a small piece of Velcro on the back of names of current Apostles and books in The Book of Mormon, Old Testament and New Testament. I made 15 for each of these categories. In class, these names are put face down on the table in front of the tri-fold posterboard.
  2. The four categories are placed at the top of the posterboard: The Book of Mormon, New Testament, Old Testament, and General Conference.
  3. The children turn to the page in their scriptures that has the abbreviations for all the books.Abbreviations page for lds quad
  4. Each child takes a turn coming to the front of the class and picking a strip from the table. They read the name out loud. The class, either individually or in teams, searches their abbreviations page for the name and raises their hand when they find it. To reduce shouting out guesses, we have the children point to name and show they had found it in the list. Then they tell the class which category it belonged in. The apostles were obviously in the General Conference category, and the kids didn’t need any help telling the difference between apostles and book names.

Activity: Scripture chase for beginners

Scriptures Board Activity

For this activity I printed off a bunch of doctrinal mastery passages.and put a small piece of velcro on the back. We then talked to the Primary class about seminary and learning important scriptures (It was still call “scripture mastery” when we did this.) Then we had the children choose and read the passages, and the class would look up where the scripture was. We would talk about the meaning of the scripture if it wasn’t clear to the kids. Then the scripture would go on the board. We used the Book of Mormon and the Bible this time, but I plan on adding the Articles of Faith and some scriptures from D&C.