Mormon white elephant: Something from DI+something for emergency preparedness

My husband and I are going to a Christmas party tonight where we needed 2 white elephant gifts. When we do white elephants, we like to chose something funny or quirky along with something useful or nice. Once we gave a “flu kit”, complete with air sickness bags (the quirky-funny part) and Kleenex, DayQuil, hand sanitizer, and chicken soup, which are useful.

For tonight’s party, we are taking 2 very Mormon white elephants, with books from Deseret Industries combined with something for food storage or emergency preparedness. We ended up with these two combos, with each combo costing less than 12$.

A 12 pack of toilet paper and a copy of “The Great American Bathroom Book”. (DI always has a few of these books, we found this one right away at the first DI we looked at.)

A ten can pack of chicken soup from Costco and Chicken Soup for the Soul book. (There were at least 10 books from this series at DI.)

I thought this Deseret Industries + emergency preparedness/food storage could be a fun theme for a large family or Relief Society party anytime of the year. You could invite your ward emergency preparedness specialist to come give a brief presentation. You could give out prizes for the most creative, funniest, cheesiest, biggest stretch, etc.

We tried to think up a few more combos that would be funny or corny, based on books or other items you can almost always find at DI.

Twilight + dried apples or apple sauce

The Work and the Glory: Pillar of Light + emergency candles or a flashlight

Legos + first aid kit or bottle of Ibuprofen (Have you ever stepped on Legos? It hurts!)

Frankenstein + a tool repair kit or any useful tool

The Call of the Wild book + bag of dog food (especially if your group has a lot of dog owners)

A quirky old doll + baby supplies (great if your group has a lot of young mothers)

Hunger Games: Catching Fire + waterproof matches or fire extinguisher

An old volleyball with your version of Wilson painted on it + water-storage container