20 enhanced Mormonads to remind us all to NEVER text and drive!

20 enhanced Mormonads to remind us all to NEVER text and drive!

Please don’t text or do things like unto it while you’re driving! Make 2018 the year that you can honestly say you stopped multitasking with your phone while driving. Maybe you’ve done it for years without incident, but it only takes one distracted moment for everything to go horribly wrong. Your life and the lives of other drivers are so precious. Don’t risk it. Put your phone away, and pull over if you need to use it.

Here are 20 great reminders in the form of slightly enhanced Mormonads!

1. Don’t gossip and get off your phone!

2. Respect the laws of physics

3. Drive sweet

4. A conversation from the 1980’s might go like this

5. Make your move

6. Wish you didn’t text and drive

7. Daisy me rollin’

8. Stop texting and driving

9. It’s hard but worth it!

10. Say it… mean it

11. Just looking is still dangerous

12. Keep yourself free

13. Choose

14. Don’t live on the edge

15. Road rage is dangerous too

16. Finish that text before you start your car!

17. The right message at the right time

18. You’re never big enough

19. Despite the popular belief, you aren’t good at multitasking

20. You’re never alone